05 // Woo-woo vs. Practical Strategy (Gabby B vs. Gary V)

In this episode, I talk about trying to find the balance between the woo-woo and practical strategy.

Have you ever gotten confused or STUCK on whether you should be spiritual or all practical about the goal you’re striving for? 

Should you go all Gabby Bernstein/Abraham Hicks or Gary V/Tony Robbins? We talk about the answer today.

This episode follows on well from episode 04 where I spoke about the 7 steps to manifest one of your 2018 goals. I have examples on:

  • Relationships
  • Money mindset
  • Losing weight

This episode is perfect for anyone who feels torn between following guidance from the universe and using the law of attraction versus being told by strategy leaders to hustle hustle and having a clear plan to reach your goal. 

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