21 // How to Get into Alignment, Manifesting Back the Money I've Spent On Investing in Myself

This episode is perfect for anyone wanting to find out how to specifically get into alignment, and find the balance between hustle and flow.

In this episode, I speak about:

  • How I get into alignment for things I don’t necessarily enjoy doing (e.g uni work)
  • “Taking action” is a buzz word right now - what to be aware of
  • Finding the balance between hustle and flow
  • How the universe amplifies your results when you invest in yourself (when you take the leap)
  • How you can absolutely manifest back the money you invest in yourself (I have done this myself)!
  • Working on your own strength vs. working with the support of the universe
  • Why and how you can literally convert your bad vibes to good vibes
  • How to decide whether a program/coach/investment is for you.

Spot the movie quote. Extra points if you know which movie it’s from!

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