23 // Using LoA To Run a Business Whilst Studying/Working + The Truth About Aligned Action

Today’s episode has been long awaited! I answer one of the most common questions I get on how I run a business (blog, podcast, coaching, all that jazz) whilst working an admin job AND studying osteopathy full time. 

· My REAL, RAW productivity tips infused with LoA + manifestation

· How I get so much done in my business whilst studying (I share my grades I get too!)

· How LoA responds to you when you’re running business + have a full schedule

· The misconception about action that many people are talking about

· My response to Ep#270 on The Lively Show with Jess Lively & Brooke Castillo on Action (a great listen)

· Stress and overwhelm - my view on this and how to overcome it

This episode is perfect for anyone who is running a side hustle business, studying or looking for productivity tips blended with LoA and real talk!


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