24 // Money Mindset - Changing Your Mindset from Scarcity to Abundance

In this episode, I share with girls my journey on money mindset and how I changed it to manifest $13k in just 6 weeks!

I cover:

· The first time I got pocket money - and how this affects our money stories

· How I was stingy in the past and then went the opposite way later on

· Seeking approval for spending money from male figures

· How glitches in your money mindset creep up and you don’t even know they’re activated

· Earning $10 an hour (without tips!! We don’t get tips in Australia) at an asian chain restaurant.

· Why you don’t need to work hard for money

· Why earning more doesn’t mean you take away from someone else

· My money mindset tip that you can do RIGHT NOW!

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Kimberley Loo