34 // The Modern Girl's Guide To Astrology, Crystals & Card Decks with Lindsay Schroeder (Our & Are)

In this episode, I have a deep chat with Lindsay from Our & Are to give us the low down (modern gal way) on astrology, crystals and card decks. This episode is perfect for any girl who is interested in these topics, and new to them! We cover:


· A basic guide to birth charts + astrology

· How to use your birth chart

· Why astrology shouldn't be used for an excuse for inaction

· Different signs and how knowing it can help you make decisions in life


· How crystals vibrate at different frequencies

· How to pick a crystal

· How to cleanse a crystal + set an intention

· A few things to do with your crystals


· The difference between intuitive guidance cards + tarot cards

· How to cleanse a deck + introduce yourself to it

· How to ask a question to your card deck

· How to pull a card

· How to “read” the card once pulled

· What happens when it doesn’t make sense!

· How to use cards in your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, birthday, moon ritual life!

♡ // To connect with Lindsay on Instagram @ourandare

♡ // To email Lindsay: ourandare@gmail.com

♡ // For your free birth chart: http://astrostyle.com/free-chart/

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