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an in-person luxe day of uplevelling with kimberley


Have you every wanted to just FEEL abundant and like you’re living your dream life?

Have you also got things you want to clear? Old limiting beliefs, money stories, life issues that you want to move past?

The VIP DAY with KW is the ultimate experience for babes who desire to uplevel to the next level.

It’s for girls who are ready to say YES to their dream lives and NO to the old.

It’s for the babes who desire to immerse themselves in luxe and chic and high vibe conversation.


What does a VIP DAY with KW look like?

The day is entirely tailored to you, however options available are:

  • A high vibe lunch in a beautiful luxe restaurant

  • A beautiful dinner at a luxe restaurant

  • Live guided meditations with Kimberley

  • 1-1 coaching with Kimberley for the VIP day

  • A night’s stay with Kimberley at a beautiful high vibe accommodation - a 5 star hotel or airbnb penthouse

  • High vibe conversations - ask Kimberley anything about what you’re moving through business, money, life.

  • The ultimate experience to be in the energy of uplevelling with Kimberley.

  • All expenses are covered, including accommodation, lunch and dinner.


The investment: $5555 USD IN FULL.

The investment is soon the increase.

Payment plans are not available.


Apply below to have a VIP day with kimberley

Date and time will be decided upon investment


  • Kimberley currently lives in Melbourne, but may be open to doing a VIP DAY overseas on request.

    • If you are overseas and desire KW to come to you, flights must be covered on top of the VIP DAY price.

  • Kimberley may be doing these as she travels Europe and America in 2019/2020. Keep updated on her whereabouts on her Instagram @kimberleywenya