Clear the blocks holding you back from happiness

Hi gorgeous! You’re a gal trying to upgrade your life and I help you clear the blocks to do just that. 


3 week coaching program

You're perfect for this program if...

  • You feel blocked from feeling happy
  • You have some negative self talk that needs to be managed
  • You feel like your let life run you!
  • You struggling to deal with negativity
  • You want to manifest your dream life but you're not feeling in alignment!

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6 week coaching program

You're perfect for this program if...

  • You've had enough of settling in life. You deserve so much more.
  • You want to feel happy, energised each day and can deal with the negative things life throws you.
  • You want to truly clear the blockages that are stopping you live your life filled with excitement and joy
  • You want to drop negativity for good and create the life you desire!
  • For real, long-term accountability and uplifting support that you feel will benefit you

Book your complimentary 30 minute discovery call with me here. Or, if you're ready to jump right in, click on the button below!



wellness booster

This is for you if:

  • You want to boost your progress after working with a bundle.
  • If you're already deep in your wellness journey but have hit a road block with a certain issue. (Maybe you don't know how to deal with a certain friend, or you've hit a bottom).

How do the coaching programs work?

Depending on your needs and goals, which we will talk about on our discovery call, we can work to...



  • Sometimes you feel like you keep hitting road blocks and you can't get out of it! You feel crappy and you know you deserve better.

Cultivate a positive mindset

  • We create a gentle, mindful pathway for you to transform your mindset to a genuinely optimistic, happy and joyful one.
  • Tools and habits in each module to nurture and guide your mind to think positively.
  • Accountability to ensure your new, beautiful positive mindset continues beyond our weeks together.


  • The amazing thing is after we clear any blocks, you will be able to manifest all those things you've been desiring!

My promises:

  • To be non-judgemental

  • To hold space for you to express yourself, your goals and desires

  • To celebrate with you on your wins, big or small

  • To be respectful, encouraging and your cheerleader to a happy wellbeing.

Want to get to know me better?

Sometimes you just need to see someone in video to know if you'll get along with them or not! If that's you, feel free to wander my Youtube videos here to see a little bit more of my personality!


What's it like to work with Kimberley?

Kimberley is amazing! I was struggling with some emotional baggage that kept popping up in my thoughts all day, every day and it kept pulling me down or just messing with my productivity and creativity. Within just one session, Kimberley not only helped me to see the bigger picture, but also gave me tools and exercises that made an immediate change in my life. I practice them daily now and every time I do, I feel like there’s this heavy burden being lifted off my chest and it just makes my entire day so much better and more productive. If you need to drop some negativity like I did or you’re looking to implement more wellness into your life, Kimberley is your girl! - Camka, 25.
"If you would like to live a happier and healthier lifestyle (and let’s face it who wouldn’t want that) then Kimberley is the gal for you. Kimberley has helped to not only reduce my stress levels, but also improve my ability to remain positive by providing small stepping stone activities. The activities are easy to fit into your everyday life and are tailored personally for you. I started off never having journaled or done yoga before and am now loving this calmer and more centered lifestyle. Kimberley is a kind and gentle natured life coach who you definitely will feel comfortable talking to, and will absorb her happy vibes." - Leticia, 23.
"Before seeing Kimberley, I was lost on how to approach weight loss and to get rid of a general feeling of sluggishness. After receiving her help, I now have a plan of how I want to approach my food intake and have become more aware of how my body is feeling. I have now lost weight, lost that sluggish feeling and most importantly, feel like my body is happier with how I’m treating it. There’s no turning back for me now!" - Tessa, 25.