Who is kimberley?

A gal who loves chai tea and blending spirituality, manifestation & wellness.


Hey gal, I’m Kimberley. I’m a wellness and mindset coach who blends positivity, science, manifestation, spirituality and strategy all into the one. 

You might be wondering, what’s her story? So, here it is!

A few years ago, I woke up everyday feeling grumpy, crummy, anxious and like I had no control over my life. There were three major areas in my life that needed a whole remake.

  • Health: I wasn’t exercising. I barely ate, and when I did it would be carbs (pasta, crackers, chips)

  • Wellness: I didn’t have any wellness habits that helped me grow each day.

  • Mindset: my mindset was based on a belief system that had a TONNE of limiting beliefs. I would look at things the wrong way, blame people for the shortcomings in my life and be angry and annoyed that I wasn’t as fit as X or as smart as Y or as successful as Z. Little did I know if I shifted my mindset, my happiness would increase, my energy levels would sky rocket, and I would love every single day of my life.

The struggles, the misfires, the in-between:

  • Health: I tried COUNTLESS diets. I tried vegetarianism, was vegan for a year, tried the Atkins diet, a high carb diet, frugivore diet, low fat diet - NOTHING WORKED!

  • Wellness: I would buy cute wellness notebooks with daily trackers but they ended up being repetitive and each of the days would be copy pasted from page 10 onwards. I got bored so I dropped the gratitude journals (I didn’t see what the big deal was back then) and I didn’t bother with trying anything new. I thought personal development was a waste of time and only for people who had their lives in a mess. I didn’t realise that I, myself, was in a mess of a different version.

  • Mindset: I didn’t have my own values and beliefs clear to me so I took on the beliefs of others and in turn just became a mish mash of the people who surrounded me (who at the time were judgemental people). When I was making decisions, I would base it on a mental algorithm I had created using my family’s beliefs, or what my friends would say. This led me to not put myself first at the times I should have - I was lost!! I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t aligned to my life’s purpose, and I felt like my potentials were always capped.

Then one day, I decided to turn things around. I went to seminars, talks, invested in courses and coaches which cost multiple thousands of dollars. But I took the leap every time and have never regretted it. All my hard earned money went towards investing in myself and every cent was worth it because it led me to who I am now, a constant teacher and student for life. I learned how to get on the path of manifesting my dreams into reality (and it's working). I took responsibility for my life and learned how to create my life the way I liked it. 


When I put out my mission, I asked the universe to show this message to the girls who need it. This is no coincidence, for sure. You didn’t just click onto this page willy nilly - whether it was your gut telling you to “click on her about page” or “what is she actually about?” it was a nudge from your gut which came from the universe.

Babe, my mission is to help you uncover the amazing potential that you have within you. That light inside you is calling to you to step up and experience the true happiness you deserve. My mission is to show girls that you don’t (and shouldn’t!) have to settle, and that you co-create (with the universe!) what comes into their life. I show you how to shift your energy from waking up to anxiety, fear, and grumpiness to an energy that will truly bring in your dream life, that dream man, that dream body. You one hundred percent, have the ability to do this for yourself. You owe it to your past self for settling with life so far, and you owe it to your future self to give her the happiness she deserves, daily.

Whether you're here to just grab some amazing wellness workbook freebies from my resource library, watch my YouTube videos for inspiration, or get a kick-butt minimalistic 21 day wellness workbook (which cuts all the BS monotonous ones out there), or are looking for 1:1 coaching with me, I am here to support you, gal, and help you bring your dreams into reality. 


Big love,

Kimberley x